My name is Molly, I’m a 26 year old History graduate (University of Birmingham and University of Southampton), and a lover of Public/Gender History. I now work for London South Bank University in their Fundraising team, and I remain passionate about gender politics, LGBTQ+ rights, animal welfare and all things history.

The name biasedhistorian comes from my belief that embracing your personal biases can help in the study of history. This is explained in more detail in a post of mine. This blog will be a mix of posts regarding what I’ve studied in the past, what I find interesting, what I find infuriating, and anything that I read/hear/watch that sparks my interest. This blog is more than just a history blog now, I no longer live in that world every day, and whilst I still love history, I don’t think it’ll be my career. But, I still love writing, and I still have too many opinions. So this blog stands as a place to put them. It is a testament to my fierce passion for a subject I loved to study, but I now want it to be a place for me to write whatever comes into my head, kind of just for me but also for all of you too!

For now, please enjoy my posts. I hope you find something you can relate to, or even something you do not agree with. I would love to hear any feedback.